Chainlink Fencing

Hickory, North Carolina, Chain Link Fence

Chain Fence Solutions for Hickory, NC and the Catawba Valley

The chain-link fence is one of the oldest, most popular, and most reliable fencing solutions in the world — and it’s still en vogue today.

Economical, customizable, and built to endure, the chain-link fence first rose to popularity in the United Kingdom during the mid-1800s. Its inventor was inspired by the art of fabric weaving and imagined that steel could be woven in the same way, creating a kind of fortress that would be easily installed anywhere. The rest is history.

At Fence Pro, we offer a wide range of chain fencing solutions for Hickory, including both commercial and residential designs. We work exclusively with widely trusted and well-vetted fence suppliers, thereby providing our customers with quality materials.

Additionally, as a trusted name in fence installation, we dedicate ourselves to top-notch service at every business and every home we enhance. Our goal is the same as yours: a safer, more secure premises — with options that fit any size, space, and budget.

If you’re in the market for Hickory chain-link fencing, we hope you’ll choose a provider who genuinely cares about the quality of the work, the long-term durability of the finished product, and — ultimately — your satisfaction. It matters to us, and we work hard to achieve it.

Customization and Options

Our chain fencing solutions are suitable for versatile terrains and ready for installation in the Catawba Valley’s most challenging environments.

No fence is too big or too small — we offer sizes from 3’ to 12’ in height and beyond. Our wire diameter ranges from 6 to 11.5 ga in thickness. Each fence can be galvanized or finished with vinyl coating (your choice of green, black, or brown).

We’re also able to outfit your fence with a wide range of options and enhancements, including:

  • Barbwire
  • Razor ribbon
  • Tension wires (top or bottom)
  • Vinyl privacy slats
  • Wind screens
  • Top, mid-, or bottom rails
  • Cantilever rolling gates
  • Automated gate operators
  • Colored fencing
  • And more

Commercial Chain-Link Fencing in Hickory, NC

Chain-link fences are the preferred choice in business and commercial settings because they offer unsurpassed security, extremely affordable pricing, and rough-and-tumble staying power for more industrial working environments.

Chain-link fencing by Fence Pro Hickory

Optional add-ons like automated gate operators and cantilever rolling gates further lend themselves to commercial endeavors.

If your business is in need of affordable and high-quality Hickory chain-link fencing, Fence Pro can help.

Residential Chain-Link Fencing in Hickory, NC

Chain-links aren’t just for the working world! They remain popular in residential areas too — a reflection not only of their affordability for families but also recent improvements in the quality and appearance of the chain weaving.

Don’t fall for the myth that a chain-link fence has to be “ugly.” On the contrary, our colored, vinyl-coated fences can add immeasurably to the allure of your home’s backyard. While black has proven to be the most popular among our customers, the green and brown are real favorites among pet owners who want to emphasize the earthiness of their yard space. Likewise, the soft vinyl coating and powder-coated framework are tremendous draws for parents and pet owners alike.

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