Underground Dog fencing

Get an Underground Pet Fence in Hickory, NC

We have now added underground dog fencing to our services here at Fence Pro. We would be more than happy to meet with you and discuss a system designed to keeping your furry loved ones safe in your own backyard! I’ve included a few pros & cons to an underground fence.


Able to achieve more yard space at a cheaper cost.

No barriers to mow around.

ability to keep pets out of flower beds, and mulch beds.

open feeling while in your backyard.

Secure feeling knowing your loved one is safe.


Doesn’t keep other animals out of your yard.

Takes a few weeks of training to let your pet know where the safe zones are.

Changing or charging of batteries

Guests arriving at your home may be scared of your pet. (not such a bad thing if it’s your in-laws)


Call us today to let our qualified team work with you on an invisible dog fence that is right for you!