Residential Chain-link

Residential chainlink fence has been around for years! It has certainly proven its worth. It remains the most economical or “cheapest” fence, but it is not cheap by no means. Chainlink is tough, durable, and there are probably more of these still standing versus any other fence out there. The durable zinc galvanized coating protects it from rust for a number of years. If the traditional silver galvanized fence isn’t the look that you are going for, then maybe a soft vinyl coated in either black, green, or brown will do the trick.  Black vinyl coated chainlink has been a very desirable look for many homes, recreation centers, playgrounds, and even ballparks. Black chainlink fence consists of a vinyl coating over the wire itself, with powder coated framework (toprail, line post, and terminal posts). Call Fence Pro today to schedule your free quote!