Let’s talk dog fencing!

There is absolutely no need to warn or apologize for the “land mines” in your yard! I will not accept any apology for your dog jumping on me either. Your dog or pet is usually the reason why I am there in the first place! And, I love your dog too! Hahaha. It is my privilege to meet each and everyone of you. I take great pride in providing your furry family member a safe place to live and play. Now, with that being said lets talk about that pet fence. The mostly used fence for pets is the chainlink fence. It is durable, has tightly woven mesh, small gaps, and very adaptive to all types of terrain. We include a taut bottom tension wire on all of our fences, this keeps the bottom from being pushed out away from the posts to prevent digging. Next in line is the ornamental aluminum fencing. It is priced on the higher end of the fencing spectrum. Aluminum fencing is one of the best looking fences out there today. It is adaptable to various terrains. However, the “stock” 4″ picket spacing doesn’t keep small breeds of dogs in very well. There is an optional 1 5/8″ picket spacing, but like anything else it does up the cost a little bit. Some of us pet owners have dogs that love to bark at the neighbors, or animals, or who knows what else sometimes. In these cases a privacy fence has worked great for us! There are several fences out there for all types of animals. Call us today at 828-256-8260